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HHIC Volume 3



     The album title says it all. Taking it back to basics, down to its simplistic packaging, this album proves you don't need flashy covers and gimmicks to distribute a ground breaking album. With flawless delivery and clever, sometimes funny, other times heartfelt lyrics; Mo'Riffs third offering is guaranteed to make the labels sit up and pay attention to this rising star.

     This album will be given away totally free, in an attempt to gain a larger fanbase and score a record label deal. This album includes songs produced my Mo'Riff, Indecent,, Rock, Sincere(of The Royal Fam Click), and uncleared samples from Pink, Jay-Z, Dave Hollister, Method Man & Redman, and Sian Supa Crew. An overall step-up lyrically with an improved delivery and sound quality; The West Mich Wordsmith is finally starting to live up to his album titles.

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