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~~ "Nothing needs more refining than the habits of others" - Mark Twain ~~

I performed my self-initiation ceremony on 9/27/02, that night I dedicated myself to the study of the Craft, worship and reverence of the Goddess and God, and to adhere to the ways of the path I have chosen. Since then, my outlook on life has been much more positive and I have felt more complete; there is only one thing that is missing: acceptance.

I don't believe that the path I have chosen is the end all, be all path. I don't believe that a person is condemned if s/he doesn't practice my religion; I believe their are many paths to the divine and everyone has to find their own path in their own way and time. Its disturbingly obvious to me that not everyone feels that way.....

Pagan religions are the last known religions in America where its socially acceptable to discriminate against and spew cruel jokes at; and its appalling how uninformed these people are. My religions class in high school never even mention ancient Goddess worship, one of the first religions known to mankind dating back 25,000+ years(of which Wicca is partially based).

This is mostly due to the burning times, where witches and suspected witches were persecuted; So, wiccans went underground to form covens. In these covens their workings and knowledge of the Craft were kept secret for fear of torture and death by the crusading "Christians"(I put quotes around "Christians" because I don't believe any person who tortures and kills another because of their religion is a Christian. Hitler did that, would you consider him Christian? my point exactly, moving on...) .

After the Burning Times were "over", the practice of keeping your witchhood a secret thrived, as it was still not safe to be open about your religion. I skipped over alot of historical details to make this point: It hasn't been until the last 20-30 years that Wiccans have even BEGAN to be openly practicing; And as the tradition of keeping secrets survived the ages, so did the propaganda against Wicca used in the burning times.

There are many untrue and ridiculous stereotypes, stigmas, and accusations surrounding Wicca and its practitioners. As a hip hop artist, and having many peoples attention thru my music; As a Neo-Pagan and Wiccan; And as a person who refuses to bend under the weight of anyone who won't accept me for who I am, I am going to dedicate this section of my website, music, and community influence to aid in the eventual general acceptance of all earth-based religions.

I will post information on Wicca and other earth-based religions, as well as Pagan-oriented events in Michigan, and offer links to other sites of interest. I will post letters and articles submitted by you; And do my best to reduce these stigmas and stereotypes to mere hearsay. I hope you will join me.

Blessed Be,




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