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Authors retain ownership of all their essays/articles and other works submitted to the webmaster for publication on this website. In order to maintain a certain level of quality, protect legal rights of both parties(webmaster and authors), and to save time; All essays/articles and other works submitted must meet the following guidelines to be considered for posting on this site.

1. All works must be accompanied by a release such as "This article may be published by Mo'Riff on for non-commercial use."

2. Works having offensive, racial, malicious, slandering, and/or other content that makes Mo'Riff sick to his stomach will NOT be published. Grammatical errors will be fixed by either Mo'Riff or sent back to be fixed by the author, depending on the magnitude of the error/s.

3. Only works related to paganism and religious discrimination of pagans will be published in the "Pagan Resources" section. Other works may go else where.

4. Submit a link if you think you have a found a cool, informative site on paganism, but it doesn't mean I'll automatically post it. I will only post a link to a couple good online stores, but that's it. Don't wanna become too commercial, na'mean?

5. If any problems come up I will change these guidelines without notice(except on the home page) to try to fix it.

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