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The Riffism

The Riffism Volume 1...

The first full-length album; produced, written, and arranged by Mo'Riff. Even thru the amateur and sometimes mediocre quality, the listeners got a sense of the massive potential this Skee Town/GH rapper possesed. This album was recorded after joining Studio 23, a group of very talented Hip-Hop artists based in Muskegon, MI. 5 out of the 18 blazing tracks packed guest appearances by K-Swiff, New J.E, Bigg 2oot, and King Ratino.

Subetto Hymns

Subetto Hymns Volume 2...

The second installment was released in the Summer of 2002 in case the people thought he might've disappeared during the long silence. Mostly produced by Mo'Riff, but contained tracks produced by Lajek(of The Royal Fam Click), Siete, OPV, Da Maginist, and AnAlso. It was made apparent by the higher quality songs, lyrics, and production that the young MC had grown up some since the last volume. A double disc album, the xtra CD was a CD-ROM packed with special features presented DVD Menu style on a PC; Also created by Mo'Riff.


H.H.I.C Volume 3...

The title says it all. This album will be given away totally free, in an attempt to gain a larger fanbase and score a record label deal. This album includes songs produced my Mo'Riff, Indecent,, Its the motherfuckin Rock bitch, Sincere(of The Royal Fam Click), and uncleared samples from Pink, Jay-Z, Dave Hollister, Method Man & Redman, and Sian Supa Crew. An overall step-up lyrically with an improved delivery and sound quality; The West Mich Wordsmith is finally starting to live up to his album titles.

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