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~~Only those with the password may enter~~

The password is on every copy of Mo'Riffs newest album, "H.H.I.C Volume 3". Inside the V.I.P section is exclusive tracks, video footage, and other stuff only fans with the password can see. If you don't have a copy of "H.H.I.C", there is only one other way to get in.......you gotta get thru the maze.

Yeah, I said the maze. I've designed a series of webpages that are linked to each other in such a way that its very difficult to get to the last page, which has the password on it. So, if you got the patience (and have absolutly nothin better to do with your time...) then click on the link below to read the instructions and begin. All others with the password, type in "VipFam" as the username and type in the password.


(Maze will open in a separate window)

"But I can't read your writing on the CD, dogg!!" Well...uh...all i can say is try different variations until you get it. Under no circumstances will I give the password thru Email. So, don't bother trying. If you genuinely can't read my sloppy handwriting, meet me in person, show me you have the CD, and then I will give it to you. Log-in below and enjoy....(Use "VipFam" as the username)

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