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Mo'Riff's Biography

Mo'Riff had always gravitated toward music and performing. At 5 years old, young Riff idolized Micheal Jackson and lip synced music from the "Thriller" album in front of his family. Later, at 9 years old, Riff gained his first onstage experience introducing and performing with "The Down Home Country Band" at his cousins wedding reception. It was there that he found his calling.

    Born Ryan Duren, in Grand Haven, MI on August 9, 1981, he moved from place to place with his mom during his childhood until he entered the 3rd grade and moved to Muskegon, MI. it was there that he was first exposed to Hip Hop and decided to persue music professionally.

    The MTV show "The Cut" inspired Ryan and his friend, Isaac to write ryhmes and freestyle. In school, Ryan would piss off his teachers by writing lyrics and turning them in as assignments. Without many friends, Ryan was alienated from most of the other kids. Once a psycologist at Grand Haven High School told him that the was too stupid to make it to college; These experiences and others are the fuel that Ryan uses to create his own brand of Hip Hop.

    While deciding what stage name to use, Ryan got the name "Riff Raff" from Isaac. Later, he shortened the name to "Riff". Then after listening to B.B.King and Eric Clapton and how they used their guitars to inject so much emotion and passion into their music, Ryan added "Mo'" to the front of his early moniker. To Ryan, Mo'Riff means putting everything he has into whatever he plans to accomplish. From music to movies to novels, Mo'Riff plans to conquer it all.

In 2000, Ryan Moved back to Grand Haven to finish his senior year. Since Graduating, he has released 2 small demos and a full-length album called "The Riffism Volume 1". Ryan produced, wrote , and arranged all 17 tracks but the last song which was produced by King Ratino. During the summer of 2001, Ryan joined with Studio 23, a group of Hip Hop artists based in Muskegon, MI. He has been engineering songs for their albums and has made guest appearances on Bigg 2oot's "Young And Dangerous", "Still Dangerous", and the Royal Fam Clik's new release, "Steet Prophecy". Mo'Riff's "Nucking Futs" was featured on Studio 23's compilation cd. Mo'Riff also appeared in the April edition of IllTimes, a local music and fashion magazine.

In 2002, Ryan released his second album entitled "Subetto Hymns Volume 2". Again Ryan produced most of the album himself. In the spring of 2003, Ryan will release his third album, "H.H.I.C Volume 3". Taking it back to basics, down to its simplistic packaging, this album proves you don't need flashy covers and gimmicks to distribute a ground breaking album.


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